This Biryani Vendor Makes Over Rs. 10 Million Annually By Teaching Online

The internet is a wonderful piece of technology and, if used correctly, can be a great source for almost anything you want to do; be it learning, teaching, or even earning.

Pakistanis, known for being some of the most hard-working and committed freelancers around the globe, are trying there to best to utilize the internet’s potential.

One Pakistani in particular, Abdul Wali, has used the internet to change his whole life. He is now one of the top instructors on online learning platform, Udemy, as well as a founder of his very own teaching platform, among other things. Rehan Allahwala, a prominent Pakistani entrepreneur, interviewed him, highlighting how he changed his fate through unyielding dedication and a firm belief in his own capabilities.

Meet Abdul Wali

Abdul Wali was born in FATA to an underprivileged family. While other kids went to school, Abdul Wali started working as a cosmetic seller at the tender age of seven. Then he moved to Peshawar, selling shopping bags and toys and then later on to Lahore.

After spending some time in Lahore selling one thing or another, he moved to Karachi in 2000. From there on, he spent his time working as a fruit and vegetable vendor and then a biryani vendor until he finally bought a mobile shop in 2008.

“In 2008, I bought a mobile shop and used a computer for the first time,” said Abdul Wali. “I took admission in an institute to do a computer course and also learn English.”

He spent the next couple of years learning about computers. In 2010, he found out that one could earn money through the internet. He did some research on his own and started working as an instructor.

“In the start, I used to earn in thousands; ten thousand, twenty thousand or even fifty sometimes,” said Abdul Wali.

A time also came when he started earning in terms of millions of rupees. Last year, he claims to have earned over $100,000 (over 1 crore Pakistani rupees), just from teaching on the internet.

“The good thing is that I never stopped learning. I try to learn every day,” he added.

Abdul Wali loved learning so much that he spent a good part of his money in buying new courses and learning new things over the internet.

“The end result of all this hard work is that now, I have knowledge as well as money.”

Currently, Abdul Wali claims to be one of the top instructors on Udemy, one of the most popular online learning platforms on the internet; founder of his own online portal Online Ustaad, an online hub for tutorials in Urdu; and the CEO of Wali Web Solutions, his very own web service provider.

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