Ray of hope for the youth of Karachi – iACT

Apart from famous eateries, elite malls, huge bungalows, and expensive universities; there are areas in Karachi that are usually called “marginalized”. Not because the people live here are aliens, rather because they are alienated due to their socio-economic status and educational background. Life buds in these areas as well, where youth searches for opportunities, but often gets lost in darkness of violence and crimes due to lack of education and skills. Institute for Advancing Careers and Talents has taken up the cause of engaging and empowering young people from marginalized areas as its mission. It is a not-for-profit youth development centre that offers training to underprivileged youth from marginalized areas of Karachi for better career prospects.

It is a public-private partnership initiative between Habib University Foundation and local government of Karachi. iACT offers free of cost, as well as scholarship based courses and trainings. iACT also guarantees 100% job placement to its graduates. iACT brings young people from areas like Lyari, Korangi, Landhi, Malir, and other parts of Karachi to iACT to enhance their abilities and strengthen their relations with community.

Equipping students with skill based education is the core feature of our programs. iACT works on diverse areas ranging from Fashion & Textiles, Digital Media, IT, Digital Photography, English Language, Customer Support & Sales & Supply Chain Management. Through Personal and Career Development (PCD), iACT groom students’ personality and prepare them for their professional life. Moreover, to ensure better employment prospects for students, they also offer career planning and guidance services to the enrolled students. Along with honing cognitive skills, iACT also develop athletic capabilities by conducting sports activities and coaching camps. Another best thing about iACT? It does not leave students after course completion on their own; instead they place them in known companies as interns and full time employees after graduation. It has achieved 100% employment rate so far.

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