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How two Pakistani-American doctors introduced the world to Mughal superheroes

Omar Mirza and Khurram Mehtabdin are New York-based doctors with expectedly demanding work schedules. Yet, the two manage to find time for their passion project: a comic series called Zindan (Urdu and Persian for prison). Their comics draw on the rich history of the Mughal Empire to introduce South Asian superheroes.

Ray of hope for the youth of Karachi – iACT

quipping students with skill based education is the core feature of our programs. iACT works on diverse areas ranging from Fashion & Textiles, Digital Media, IT, Digital Photography, English Language, Customer Support & Sales & Supply Chain Management.

CSHM: Health Management Convention   

    Continuing with the trend of integrating experiential learning into classroom activities, the CBM Society of Health Managers (CSHM), IoBM, organized a Health Management…