What was the last good news that you heard about Pakistan? Perhaps this would get you in pin drop silence for sometime thinking!  Back in 2012, we could not answer that too and that’s when we decided to do something about this!

Its not that there are No good news, its just that we are bombarded with more of bad news that we hardly could recall any good thing about Pakistan.

To counter the same negativity, Unique Pakistan was founded in 2011 with an aim to change perceptions about Pakistan in the national and global arena – Re-Branding Pakistan, operating voluntarily since then. In 2012 we launched Pakistan’s First and only Good News Paper ‘The Good Times’ to promote all the positive happenings from Pakistan, since then more than 3,000 Positive news have been published on our news paper online.

Check out this initiative by Unique Pakistan and do share your constructive feedback for ongoing improvements. If you wish to become our Goodnews reporter, or want to write blogs or simply wish to join Team Unique Pakistan in any capacity, please write us at info@uniquepakistan.com.pk or http://facebook.com/uniquepakistan

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