Amjad Sabri ‘Son-of-Pakistan’ Rocks Toronto’s crowd

Amjad Sabri

Mississauga – May 19th 2015 – A Jam packed crowd in Mississauga’s spectacular ‘Living Art Center’ witnessed the outstanding Sufi form of music known as ‘Qawwali’ performance of Amjad Sabri Qawwal, Sabri has been titled as ‘Son-of-Pakistan’ for his amazing talent that he inherited from his legendary father (late) Ghulam Farid Sabri and uncle Maqbool Sabri.

With his tall, burly frame, glossy locks and a tiny circle of gold glinting at his ear, Amjad Farid Sabri naturally commands attention. But when he starts singing, it is his rich baritone that captures one completely.

“Qawwali is the traditional form of Islamic song found in India and Pakistan the word qawwali is derived from the Arabic word Qaol which means “axiom” or “dictum”. A qawwal is one who sings qawwali, or the dictums of the prophets and praises of God. The qawwali is closely linked to the spiritual and artistic life of northern India and Pakistan.”

Victoria Day long weekend’s Monday night in Living Art Center Mississauga was surely a firework of spiritual poetry and Sufi music and beat of traditional ‘Dhol’, ‘Daff’, ‘Harmonica’ and astounding solo / chorus performance of Amjad Sabri and his team, demonstrating divine art, music, and poetry of Indo-Pak antiquity.

Legendary Qawwal Amjad Sabri left the audience enthralled as he performed ‘Bhar Do Jholi’, ‘Ali ke Sath hai Zehra ki Shadi’, ‘Dama Dam Mast Qalandar’ and many other hit numbers from his father’s time, his rocking performance brought the crowd on their feet and tears in the eyes.

“Sufism is a mystical school of Islamic thought which strives to attain truth and divine love by direct personal experience.”

The well-presented event was organized by renowned promoter Aamir Shamsi of “Universal Promotion who in past have arranged numerous successful events for Canadian audience of South East Asian Community.

Universal Promotions and event Organizer Aamir Shamsi’s such efforts not only offer entertainment to the community, but effectively portrays progressive image of Pakistan and helps in establishing harmony amongst multicultural diaspora living in colorful mosaic of Canada.

Sabri’s International tour has been a huge success worldwide and all his shows in major cities across North America were sold-out in advance.


Source: Voice of Toronto

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