Crafters Expo held in Karachi!

Being able to witness an event solely dedicated to handicrafts is a rare occasion. It was thrilling to see over fifty stalls and hundreds of people gathered under one roof, to share and sell their personal work.

‘Crafters Expo’ was held at Royal Rodale in Karachi last weekend. Serving as a platform for home grown artists to exhibit, promote and share their works and their views.

The event grew out of a small initiative taken by a student named Varah Musavvir from the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, who decided to make wallet sized cards and promote crafts in any way possible.

After receiving wide-scale encouragement for her initiative and perseverance over the years, Varah finally decided to bring all the crafters under one roof.

The one day event received an extraordinary response with eager buyers and variety of products ranging from supplies, materials, to paper craft and keep sakes.





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