How ethics and business go together

Masha Allah IoBM alumni continue to earn laurels at the local, regional, national and international level. Among the thousands of cherished IoBM alumni are some very successful entrepreneurs who have opted to establish their respective businesses and have become “job creators, not job seekers” with all the business management skills and acumen they have acquired for their degree over the few years at IoBM.

Going down the memory lane a quiet and career-focused IoBM student blossoming into an alumnus of a down-to-earth professional and a trendsetting entrepreneur in business credibility and profitability with work ethics, honesty and integrity! This is Tanveer Farooq, Proprietor and Director Operations at Globex International Travels and Tourism Services (Pvt.) Ltd. planning, organizing, directing and promoting a wide range of travel and tourism services for multifaceted clientele.

From the outset of his career such IoBM catchwords echoed in letter and spirit for Tanveer as preferring to set up his own business rather than following the general trend of looking for a job. He started his own travel agency using IoBM acquired business education and training, creating employment for young professionals, utilizing his creative and business acumen towards life and career success and earning laurels for himself, his family, his institution and his country.

Tanveer depicts exemplary traits in business routine being so able, noble, humble and gentle: Multi-tasking by thinking, talking, writing, eulogizing, planning, strategizing, interacting with staff and subordinates, clients and customers so smilingly and cheerfully and so efficiently and effectively and taking breather for himself, for family and for friends so calmly and devotedly. Above all, he finds it comfortable to follow prayer timings for personal solace and satisfaction.

Blending class and caliber with charm and charisma at work, in business and with client and corporate interaction is what Tanveer was attuned to and acclimatized with during his education, training, assignments, presentations, projects, events and activities at IoBM indeed. He attributes his personality development and professional achievement basically to his parents, to IoBM and to what he quietly cherishes Pakistan: “a land of purity, promise and potential”.

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