H&S bags an AWARD at ARY Film Festival 2017

In 2014 H&S collaborated the American Film Director Danish Renzu for “In Search of America, Inshallah”. We were a part of his team in making this marvelous short film, which has bagged many awards globally. Recently the film bagged another big award for the “Best Short Film” in the Gold category at the amazing award ceremony of ARY Film Festival in Karachi.
As this film is winning awards and making its mark in the history we at H&S are confident and geared up to bring more incredible masterpieces to our valuable audiences through your love and support and our never ending hard work.

Message from Creative Director

Art in any form has no boundaries. Filmmakers have the edge to collaborate over various film projects in different parts of the world. This does not only empower one to show their talent but expand their network globally to collaborate on more commercial projects in the future.
From 400 film submissions around the world our film was among the top 33 films which were nominated for the awards. We got an award in the Gold Category for the best short film of the festival.

Its good to see local brands understanding sponsoring such festivals as it helps local and international filmmakers showcase their talent to a global audience.

Last but not the least, a big thank you to ARY, Italiano & Rooh Afza for putting up a great event, looking forward for the next one to submit more entries.

H&S & RevX Collaborate on making “Orphic”
H&S in collaboration with RevX has an amazing new short film ready competing in festivals throughout the world. We are optimistic that it shall bag awards as our last film with great success.

Orphic is a psychological thriller drama. In an unknown time and world, Dezri Afra a music maestro  makes a beautiful symphony while being in a coma with the help of a bar tender who had an unreal voice. Dezri is unaware that he is in a coma and believes that all of it is a reality. When he wakes up he’s given the bad news which he refuses to believe.  On a trip to the same hospital he hears a familiar voice which he follows to the coma ward where he sees a nurse who sings to coma patients while giving them baths.

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