Lahore Dental Corporation finds a breakthrough dental formula

Dental care--The key to good health

– By Muhammad Zaman Khan

How indispensable are such basic yet commonly neglected factors in public well-being as good health and hygiene, including what is called dental care. It is not just smiles and white teeth that many commercial ads portray but the inside well being of a person that is instrumental through dental care that makes the life of a healthy person go round.
So revealing is the fact about dental neglect is that besides bad mouth, one’s digestive and nervous systems get adversely affected. How vitally is digestive system related to health can be gauged from the fact that the final reflection of sensitive teeth, bleeding gums and bad mouth resulting in digestive problems are directly related to a person’s social and professional interaction and standing.
Besides personality and social handicaps of worsening dental health are such nagging agonies as bleeding gums, bad mouth and loss of appetite especially for gutka and pan lovers as well as for smoking and chalia chewing folks at large.
Cleaning and rinsing of teeth and gums after every meal, treatment for sensitive teeth as prescribed by doctors, dental health and treatment in Pakistan, traditional and contemporary formulas in dental care all remain of paramount importance.
Among other breakthroughs in dental health and hygiene, the dental formula as devised by Lahore Dental Corporation is like a midas touch pertaining to dental health in Pakistan. In this regard, such ingredients have been avoided as zinc, vaseline, mineral oil, colorants and preservatives. Instead there has been good amalgamation of olive oil so vital for healthy teeth.
Switzerland is among the pioneer countries in innovative dental care and treatment and Lahore Dental Corporation has ensured of Swiss collaboration through Olivafix Denture Adhesive Cream that also ensures, besides dental treatment and care, setting the dentures in place with good hold so crucial for chewing and saliva mixing towards a better digestive system and good health.

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