“When life gives you lemons 2.0”

IMG_4083 IMG_4087IoBM- 8 November 2016 – In efforts to reduce boredom and increase motivation amongst students, the marketing society made an attempt of inviting few of the living examples who recently graduated and are making the most of their lives. From the rocky roads to graduation to outstanding career paths, they came together to share their stories with the students in the event

“When Life Gives You Lemons.”

Set in IoBM auditorium, the hall was beautifully lit with colorful spot lights, building an enthusiasm in the air. The auditorium doors flung open and a throbbing crowd of around 200+ students filled in the seats making it a houseful event. The guest speakers included Alumni Ambrin Jiwani, who graduated in 2013. She was a highly active member of different societies and was also designated as the head of the management society of IoBM. Currently, she is successfully working at a research company. Next to hit the stage was Aoan Mohammed, the head of marketing at Habitt who graduated in 2008. Another alumnus who is currently working as a trainer at funverks, Asif Bakhtani was also present and so was the head of sales (Shan Food Industries) Saad Zubeiri. Lastly, an eye opener of a guest, a fighter and the strongest person IoBM might have ever encountered, Amna Raheel was welcomed with a standing ovation.
Started off as a highly interactive session, each of the guest speakers initiated by sharing their stories their struggles and their methods of overcoming different obstacles. Each of them linked their success stories with the life they had at IoBM and discussed IoBM as the strong pillar that got them to where they are today. Students were simultaneously engaged in questioning and sharing their views of university life. The different aspects students were worried about were addressed in a jocular way that broke the house in to hysterical laughter’s.
All in all, the event turned out to be a massive success and got people talking about. The guests managed to beautifully lit the stage and build a vibrant, fun filled ambience that was enjoyed by all. The event was wound up by high spirits and smiles across the audience face.

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