National Youth Perspective

Independence Day Special

National Youth Perspective


BY Parvez Jamil

Imagine unfolding a handful of miracles of generations’ teamwork at the national level amid overwhelming alarms of generation gap. However, majority seems to be authority with round-the-clock vicious circle of criticism and counter criticism of the new by the old generation and vice versa. But the prevailing and domineering cries of generation gap sound merely a myth as compared to the less-heard reality of generations’ harmony for the better. Rising over and above the set, standard and stereotype mindset and practice of generation gap, here are some individual and national models of miracles in harmony of the generations.

Quaid-e-Azam regarded youth as future of the nation. He had always pinned high hopes in future architects of the nation. The most inspiring part of the Quaid’s guidance to the youth was that he himself chaired their meetings and was thoroughly involved in their guidance and grooming. He was so confident about youth’s potential that in 1937 he himself organized the All-India Muslim Students Youth Federation. The same year he presided and addressed its first meeting in Calcutta and said that youth was the cornerstone of Pakistan Movement, the nation has many Jinnahs in the making and our future is secured with future generations.

The dream of Pakistan is realized by the inspirational poetry of Allama Iqbal and the practical vision of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan so fundamental in trust and confidence-building of children and so instrumental in rallying and mobilizing creative faculties and physical energies of youth  towards the dream-come-true reality of Pakistan. It was all a model of harmony of the generations with the winning Quaid’s motto of unity, faith and discipline as secret of success. With the glorious legacy of the old and new generations meeting for a promising nation, let us look as to how this inheritance is carried forward currently despite heavy odds indeed.

Prof. Dr. Pirzada Qasim, former Vice Chancellor,  Karachi University was all-convincing for the youth advocating through kalpoint, “ I would say that we should try to give our best within the limited resources that we have. It is a great feeling when you achieve something for which you did not have enough resources. We all should feel the sense of responsibility as a nation. We need to motivate our people. We cannot get everything but at least we must make use of what we have”. Similarly, IoBM’s one humble of a faculty was on the same wavelength with promising students searching economic solutions for the common man and sharing it with media.  

According to DAWN, October 23, 2014 young students of CECOS University in Peshawar’s Hayatabad area have built a working prototype of a solar-powered rickshaw that will not only save drivers the fuel costs, but will also be environment-friendly. CECOS University of IT and Emerging Sciences is a Government Chartered University in Peshawar, Pakistan. It was established in 1986. According to Mr. Suhaib Khan, a senior teacher supervising students “We need to further improve this and take it to the commercial level so that we can also improve durability. The idea can be improved if supported by the government”.

Addressing the young generation through the CEO Club of Pakistan, Dr. Umar Saif of Pakistan Information Technology Board (PITB)  said, “This country is going through very tough times. We have to make our youth believe that we can do much better. We are in the center of everything; for example, we are the trade outlet that many countries use, and we have a goldmine in Balochistan worth $12 trillion. On the other hand, our total foreign debt is $60 billion. I believe this country is far too important and strategically placed for it to not do well and overcome all problems. There is no reason why Pakistan will not do well if its citizens work dedicatedly”.  

Some senior teachers or faculty have been winning the trust and confidence of the young generation. One of the many such quiet souls includes Mr. Junaid Saeed, a simple faculty in business management, adored and crowded by countless students with tough and tedious academic and behavioral and academic queries and concerns, believing in being more of a facilitator  than faculty. Late Ms. Safia baji, a gem of a quiet model in commitment to leprosy patients, knowing she had cancer and that her days were numbered, serving humanity to her very last breadth in promotional work for leprosy , being remembered by many a young folk as a source of inspiration.   

When IoBM students organized a show titled “Our veterans, our assets” well-reported by print and electronic media, including being updated in DAWN on October 26, 2014, it was unparallel love and affection of youth with seeking guiding tips from their elderly guests 70 plus from medicine, education, social work, business management, science and technology etc. Here it is not generation gap but generations’ galore when, in another program, Dr. Abdul Qadeer, our Nobel laureate and Dr. Ataur Rahaman our science and education prodigy, were so overwhelmed by this young generation’s will to learn from senior citizens that they recorded life-changing guiding tips straight from the heart.

Mentoring kids towards creative excellence are many unknown or well-known one-time entities including: Late Jamil Malik, Urdu teacher and poet from Sir Syed School Rawalpindi, Brig Saeed Ahmed, former Principal, Lawrence College Ghora Gali,  Mr. Ahsan Toor Physics teacher of Cantt Public School, Peshawar, Mr. Saeed Rashid of a Tameer Millat Foundation School in rural Punjab, Ms. Asma Siddiqui of a Beaconhouse Public School Lahore,  simple quiet guding teachers of  F.G. Public School Quetta: Sir Anees, Miss Jahan Ara, Miss kausar and Miss Saeeda Afridi, Late Ms. Anita Ghulam Ali, source of inspiration for Education at large, especially Sindh students, teachers and educational management.

Amid a harmonious blend of old and new generations towards a brighter Pakistan are some good print and electronic media examples: Down the memory lane print media figures setting pivotal personal and professional examples for youth included Mr. Mukhtar Zaman, Mr. Salim Alvi, Mr. Ahmad Ali Khan,  Syed Manzar ul Hasan, Dr. Akhtar Adil Rizvi, Prof. Zakaria Sajid etc. Regarding electronic media, PBC and PTV were trendsetters for FM and TV channels with  Basheer Zaidi Aseer and Matloobur Rauf Controllers Current Affairs PBC and PTV respectively. PTV geniuses guiding youth include Sultana Siddiqi, HUM TV and Tajdar Adil quietly and gracefully indeed.

Less heard Media humbly and quietly, as youth’s source of inspiration, include onetime, Tariq Warsi of Nawa-i-Waqt, Khalid Akhtar of The Muslim, Hasan Masusanna of The Nation, Mufti Saheb of Pakistan Observer. Youth’s encouragement each of both academically and professionally oriented media includes, among others, Mr. Kamal Siddiqi from print media (The Tribune) and Ms. Shahida Qazi, Electronic Media (PTV). It is primarily due to youth’s mobilization and support  that such leading media groups as that of Mr. Zahid Malik, Hurmat Group of publications, Arif Nizami, Editor the then The Nation of Nawa-i-Waqt Group of publications, Mir Shakil ur Rahman of the JANG Group, Zuberis of the Recorder House are models of media excellence.

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