Polio affected body builder from Pakistan wins Musclemania title in the United States

Polio may have atrophied his leg but his unflinching resolve enabled Body Builder Naveed Ahmed Butt to win the Natural Musclemania title in America making Pakistan proud.

Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif recognized the prodigious achievement of the Pakistani bodybuilder and said it is a moment of great pride for the whole nation.

Hailing from the land of five rivers, Butt is a resident of old Lahore. With a moderate lifestyle and limited resources Butt had few options, however, his dreams were always big.

At a young age his leg got affected by polio but he remained resolute and fought against all odds, finally winning an international competition. Musclemania is annually held in America where the fittest men from all around the world exhibit their physical prowess.

In an interview, Butt said Pakistan has immense amount of talent, the need is to polish the skills but no one is ready to facilitate emerging talent.

He further expressed his gratitude and said he was proud and eager to further make his country proud by winning international competitions.

Apart from Naveed Ahmed Butt, numerous other people have also represented Pakistan in the International arena, winning major titles. However, the government fails to recognize their efforts. One such athlete is Salman Ahmed who won the Musclemania world bodybuilding title in Las Vegas last year.

To his sheer dismay, the government neither acknowledged his acheivement nor announced any financial aid. The emerging athlete had no option except to give up.

A bodybuilder has no future in Pakistan,” he tells AFP during a workout at his gym in a low-income neighborhood of the eastern city of Lahore.

Ahmed complains that all attention is given to cricket, with absolutely nothing being done for athletes playing other sports.

Though Pakistan has sufficient amount of talent but the need of the hour is to recognize, appreciate and support the talent. Eradicate the financial difficulties of the players and create a supportive working environment allowing them to focus on their game rather than petty issues.

By Ayesha Shaikh for yumtoyikes


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