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This is what Travelogues Don’t tell you about Murree

The much talked about and appreciated hill station of Murree definitely has a lot more to offer than what is captured in pictures or reaches our ears. Glorious views, hospitable people and local entertainment in every corner are just some of the highlights that this wondrous tourist destination has to offer.

American Girl Terms Pakistan as a Bloody Brilliant Country

Well, as it is said, ‘Don’t knock it until you try it’ that is exactly what Alex did with Pakistan. Despite the fact that a lot of hype has been created about terrorism and what not in Pakistan by the media all over the world. Alex took the matters in her own hand and left for a journey that no foreigner can even imagine. Alex is an American girl who was born in Netherlands, she quit her job and decided to travel the world with her partner Sebastian. She started traveling eastward and up til now she has traveled 4 countries: Georgia, Armenia, Iran and then she decided that she’ll give Pakistan a try and she termed Pakistan as a ‘bloody brilliant’ country.

Lahore Qalandars announce Jazz Rising Stars Team For Australia

Lahore Qalandars, Pakistan Premier League’s most avidly followed cricket club, has announced The Jazz Rising Stars selected team which will be travelling to Australia, to play a tri-angular series with Sydney Thunder and Sydney Sixers.

Pakistani film maker wins highest International film award in Toronto

Tanya Panjwani, a Pakistani American currently living in Toronto, has won a prestigious ‘Making a Difference Award’ for her masterpiece documentary. The theme of her short film ‘Marvi: The Mystic Muse’ is the life of Sanam Marvi, a Pakistani Sufi singer. Panjwani achieved the feat at the Global Community Film Festival which was held in Toronto, Canada and lasted for six days.