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How two Pakistani-American doctors introduced the world to Mughal superheroes

Omar Mirza and Khurram Mehtabdin are New York-based doctors with expectedly demanding work schedules. Yet, the two manage to find time for their passion project: a comic series called Zindan (Urdu and Persian for prison). Their comics draw on the rich history of the Mughal Empire to introduce South Asian superheroes.

Pakistani film maker wins highest International film award in Toronto

Tanya Panjwani, a Pakistani American currently living in Toronto, has won a prestigious ‘Making a Difference Award’ for her masterpiece documentary. The theme of her short film ‘Marvi: The Mystic Muse’ is the life of Sanam Marvi, a Pakistani Sufi singer. Panjwani achieved the feat at the Global Community Film Festival which was held in Toronto, Canada and lasted for six days.

#NoRedButton – Mutual goal of peace unites Pakistanis and Indians

Last week, over a hundred and fifty activists in India and Pakistan took part in a photo campaign to call on world leaders to never use nuclear weapons. From New Delhi to Islamabad, Bangalore to Karachi, Amritsar to Lahore, Global Zero volunteers took photos saying “Don’t Nuke Us, PM Sharif and Don’t Nuke Us, PM Modi” with the hashtag #NoRedButton. This powerful action comes at a time when both countries have been on the brink of war after the Uri attacks, and nuclear weapons have been threatened to be used.

Pakistani duo wins international award for radio drama in US

A duo of students associated with Punjab University’s Institute of Communication Studies (ICS) has won an international award for a radio drama depicting Pakistan’s struggle with terrorism and how the country copes with its related tragedy.