Tourists association to set national record of longest journey on motorcycles

LAHORE – K2 Kings Tourists Association of Pakistan is going to start the Tour de Pakistan “Into The Light”, which covers 100 districts of all the five provinces as well as Azad Jammu Kashmir.

“We are going to set the national record of the longest journey on a motorcycle in Pakistan and ride approximately 14,500 KMs,” said biker members Ali Ahmad Tahir, Mahfooz Elahi, Muzammil Imran and Rao Ahmad during a media briefing on Tuesday. They said that the purpose of this tour is to show the positive image to the world that every city and village of our beloved country is safe, and to unveil the beauty of it for the tourists all around the globe.

They hoped that the government and tourism departments will support them. “We also trying to involve corporate sector in this national cause and attracting our young generation in tourism. We are managing by our own expenses,” they said.

K2 Kings President Ali Ahmed Tahir said that “we appreciate the peace efforts from Pakistan Army and the government.” “We stand united with our army and government to bring tourists in Pakistan and setting the example by starting Tour de Pakistan where our slogan “Into the Light” defines our purpose.” He said.

He said that their mission is to show the world that Pakistan is a land of peace and unmatched wonders in it. “The tour would be physically tiring but we with our expertise and passion are ready face any challenge to fulfill our mission,” he said.

Courtesy: Daily Times

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