This is what Travelogues Don’t tell you about Murree

The much talked about and appreciated hill station of Murree definitely has a lot more to offer than what is captured in pictures or reaches our ears. Glorious views, hospitable people and local entertainment in every corner are just some of the highlights that this wondrous tourist destination has to offer.

Predominantly known for its scenic beauty, Murree is blessed with snow covered peaks, soaring mountains, and mesmerizing views all around. However, despite the widespread hype surrounding it most of us still lie oblivious as to what Murree truly has to offer.

To give you a real feel of what this city is like and the experiences you can have here, continue reading this insightful piece for your next holiday in Pakistan.

The Journey is much more beautiful than the Destination

As much as you may have planned to catch up on your sleep on the ride up to Murree, let me make it clear to you, the road leading to this beautiful hill station is actually much more beautiful than the destination itself – You can’t afford to miss even a moment!


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I strongly suggest you update your playlist for some killer tunes, grab some snacks, and get your hands on an HD camera. Because this long ride will have absolutely breathtaking views!

But be warned, don’t just click and snapchat the trip away. No picture or video can possibly do justice to what this journey actually looks like.

Catch Murree on Foot

If you’re planning on visiting Murree for the first time then you may be completely unaware of the fact that this city is in fact built on top of a mountain. The roads are therefore rather narrow and confined. If you plan to capture the true vibe that the city resonates I suggest you ditch all the luxuries of city life and travel by foot. The steep slopes may in fact feel like a trek. But Hey! That’s what makes it so adventurous – Take a moment to really feel the peace and tranquility, and appreciate the scenic wonders all around you.


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The Ayubia Chairlift is rather Exciting

Ayubia is a small town located in the proximity of Murree. You can easily get there by car. This area in many ways feels like a central point of entertainment in the region.

The hike to the Ayubia chairlift is rather exciting and you’ll catch local stalls selling tea, soup, and sweets all around, and as unhygienic as the conditions may be, I honestly recommend EVERYONE to get a taste of the local food that add a whole new charm to all the adventure!


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The chairlift ride is memorable in every sense. While the trip up the slope is rather daunting; seeing peeking mountains come closer and closer with the lift taking what possibly seems like a vertical angle. The whole ride is completely worth it because on the way down you can enjoy the most amazing views of the region – I have never seen so many mountain peaks come together so harmoniously – Leaving you wishing that you could capture a still of that moment in print, or at least seize the memory accurately in your mind.


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So answering the ultimate question, ‘What exactly does Murree have to offer as a tourist destination?’ I think if you think objectively you won’t be able to put your finger on it. But if you visit this city with an open mind, simply to view the wonders of nature then you are guaranteed to be amused.

So Book your Flights and Hotels in Murree today and begin the journey of exploring the beauty of Pakistan!

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